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If you already have solar it's never too late to install our monitor.

If you're not interested
in Usage we can show you simple generation only.


MySolarStats is a host based monitoring solution. We have taken power monitoring a step further. Monitoring is an important part of any solar/co-generation installation. You've spent thousands of dollars to install a solar array. Without Monitoring how do you know if your investment is working and working to its full potential? There are many monitoring products on the market. What makes ours special is we not only monitor your generation but we monitor your usage as well.

Are you thinking about installing solar/generation and not sure how much you need. Add our monitor first and you will be able to tell exactly how much you need and if TOU would be beneficial. We can monitor just your usage then when you add on your generation unit we're already in place to monitor it.

Wondering what appliances are your power hogs? Trying to determine what your TOU (Time of Usage) is? We can help. We will plot your power usage along side your power generation. This will help you see if you're making enough to support your usage in real-time. You will be able to walk around your home and turn items off and on and see their power usage. See our Demo link to the right.

Its never too late to add monitoring to an existing system either.

Our Services (Commercial and Residential)
Production Monitoring
Real-time Monitoring
Historical Data
Color Charts and Graphs
Email and Text Alerts
Usage Monitoring
Real-time Monitoring
Usage VS Production
Access from Internet
Is TOU right for you
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This system has been running
since May 2008...

Commercial System
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This system has been running
since Nov 2018...
Our Testimonials
Paul wrote, monitoring allowed me to see that one of my inverters was not performing to specs. I gave Xantrex the monitoring data and they were able to easily see there was a problem. They replaced my inverter for free.
Without monitoring I would have never known there was a problem. I would have been producing under par forever....

We offer bulk and reseller discounts. We also offer custom monitoring pages for resellers to see all their customers systems on one system status page.

Know when your customer is having problems before they call you.
  Generation/Usage Monitoring