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Our Testimonials
Paul wrote :
Monitoring allowed me to see that one of my inverters was not performing to specs. I gave Xantrex the monitoring data and they were able to easily see there was a problem. They replaced my inverter for free. Without monitoring I would have never known there was a problem. I would have been producing under par forever.

Adam wrote :
I like being able to see my investment at work. All the other monitors I looked at only showed the kWh produced. MySolarStats shows me so much more. The monitoring helps give me an idea when I need to give my panels a wash down. I also enjoy getting a text message at the end of the day with my power made.

Steve H wrote :
This is a really cool tool in helping to measure, analyze, improve and control power usage in the house. I like it. I was able to nail my older son for being up quite late by seeing the power usage not return to baseline until between 2:30 am and 3:00 am!!!

Tony D wrote :
I find it a VERY useful tool. It allows me to easily monitor my daily solar generation and immediately alerts me if there is a problem with an inverter.

Hans wrote :
I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that my customers really like your monitoring system and use the functionality you’ve created. The alerts for a down system is a great idea ;)

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